Drury Walker (also known as Killer Moth) is a villain from the Batman series. He never takes the initiative, instead he is hired by other villains, who are too lazy to solve their own problems. Instead, they hire Killer Moth to do the dirty work for them.


Out of all the villains in Batman's rouge's gallery, Drury Walker was the most pathetic. As Killer Moth, Walker was the laughingstock of Gotham's underworld, usually defeated due to his own incompetence. He couldn't beat Batgirl on her first night of heroism. During the Underworld Unleashed storyline, Walker sold his soul to Neron, and became the moth monster named Charaxes, but even then, he couldn't beat Batman. He was killed during the Infinite Crisis.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Killer Moth doesn't appear as a villain in the game Batman: Arkham Asylum. One of the Riddler's riddles revolves around him.

He has an entry in the Character Bios. His profile states:

Drury Walker was a minor criminal who adopted the identity of Cameron Van Cleer, a master criminal who in turn masqueraded as the costumed super-villain Killer Moth. He is a hired gun for Gotham’s gangsters, but his ingenious weaponry, including his cocoon gun, does not protect him from regular defeat at the hands of the Batman.


  • Real Name: Drury Walker, AKA Cameron Van Cleer
  • Occupation: Professional Criminal
  • Base of Operations: Gotham City
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown
  • Height: 5 ft 9 in
  • Weight: 155 lb
  • First Appearance: Batman #63 (March, 1951)

Lego Killer Moth


  • Obsessed with fame and identity change
  • Skilled inventor
  • Amoral, and motivated by feelings of insecurity and inadequacy into criminal activities in an attempt at notoriety


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