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The Killer Eye

The Killer Eye

The Killer Eye is the main antagonist of the film "Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt".


Killer Eye was a horrible monster from the film. But when five girls went in a scary house for Halloween, they were watching that film and accidentally freed him from the TV. Then he started to hide. Later, he found one of the girls and hypnotized her. Then, under his order, she was doing sexy movements and show him her nude body. Later, he killed her when she became normal again.

Later he found two more girls in the house and hypnotized one of her and ordered her to have some sex and kisses in bed. He was watching it and enjoying. Then they stopped suddenly when another girl named Giselle and she was suprised to see her two friends are kissing. But later, Giselle was hypnotized by Killer Eye. Periodically, he hypnotized everyone and killed three girls, except two of them who killed him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mind Control
  • Laser from his eye
  • Power Collector

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