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You look exhausted James. What would you say to a little nap?
~ Kiko before shooting James Bond with a tranquilizer.

Kiko Hayashi is the villainess who assisted Raphael Drake to try and kill James Bond. She is the well known female villain and the secondary antagonist in the video game Nightfire.

Bond first met her when he was undercover at Drake's base in Austria. She claimed she was waiting for someone, who supposedly was Armitage Rook so she could meet together with him in Drake's boardroom. One of her most notable attempts was trying to kill Bond when he was trapped in an elevator at the Phoenix base in Japan. Her men were using time bombs to try and blow up the cables or wires keeping the elevator steady. However it didn't work because Bond used his watch laser to disable them all. When Bond encountered her at the base where they were launching rockets, Kiko tries to kill him there to but yet it remained unsuccessful. When Kiko was going up in an elevator, Bond used his grapple to attach to the elevator and followed her up without being seen. When Kiko was walking on the bridge, Bond closed the doors behind her. Kiko turned around realizing this was her fate. As Bond activated a switch it made the bridge drop. Kiko raced to the safe room but it was too late. Bond boarded the shuttle or rocket and Kiko was killed by the hot rocket fuel. She was partners with the Yakuza as well who were loyal to Drake and Kiko is responsible for the death of Dominique who was a French intelligence agent that was a partner and real loyal friend to James Bond in Nightfire.

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