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Kikkaijin Gangaru BS Kaijin

Kikkaijin Gangaru (奇械人ガンガル Kikkaijin Gangaru?, 1): A gardener who becomes a spring-based kangaroo cyborg with his joey-like Gangaru Bazooka chest-mounted machinegun that he uses in his Gangaru Spring Attack, Gangaru use the poisonous flowers Black Satan created to kill off people. While hijacking a hoverboat, Shigeru and Yuriko intervene as Gangaru gets orders from Mister Titan to finish the plan. Found out by Yuriko as he hangs her from Satan Dome, Gangru battles Stronger before being destroyed by Stronger's Stronger Electro Kick.

Behind the scenes

Kikkaijin Gangaru was voiced by Mahito Tsujimura (辻村 真人 Tsujimura Mahito?).

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