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Papi... Papi... Papi is a friend... But humans brought me here... Papi is a friend but... Humans... Humans... Humans are NOT!
Kii (キー, Kī) is a Dryad who appeared in chapter 20 being rescued from an illegal Monster trafficking
Kii tree
operation. When Papi found her, she named her Kii, since Papi stated "she looks like a tree", she made friends with Papi when she rescued her, and planted her in the illegal waste dump.


Kii has the appearance of a young girl, shorter than Papi. Her hair seems to be made of leaves, and her arms and legs are plant like appendages.

However, after absorbing experimental chemicals, she underwent a drastic change. She transformed into a gigantic plant-monster, with her former body located inside the head. Her breasts were also much larger and implied to be filled with the chemicals.


Like Rachnera Arachnera, Kii has severe misanthropic issues due to her past dealings with humans.

When she was planted by Papi near an illegal dumping ground for a prototype super fertilizer, her hatred and anger towards humanity was also increased along with her size. Upon returning to normal, she realized that not all humans were bad, but was still distrusting of Kurusu, if only for the actions he took to remove the nutrients out of her body.