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Kiefer with Kristina

Evil boyfriend
Kiefer Bauer is a minor villain in the soap opera General Hospital. He is Kristina Davis's boyfriend who pressured her to have sex with him, even smacking her when she refused. Kristina eventually gave into his pressure after a period of time. One day, Kristina abandoned Kiefer at a party, causing him to lose all sanity and viciously beat her when she returned home. At the hospital, Kristina blamed Ethan (the person who she was with when she abandoned Kiefer) for beating her. Later on, Kiefer beated Kristina again. This time, Kristina's mother, Alexis, found Kristina on the floor, leading her to find out it was Kiefer who did it. While driving Kristina to the hospital, Alexis finds Kiefer walking and , out of anger, hits him. After that, Kristina finally reveals it was Kiefer and Kiefer himself is hospitalized, but dies from his injuries later on

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