A gang of sadistic Kids appear as the main antagonists of the chilling horror movie "Them", supposedly based on true events the film documents the last moments of a young couple who are mercilessly hounded and ultimately murdered by a group of hooded kids, aged between 10 and 15.

When the murderous children are finally caught by police the youngest simply states "they wouldn't play with us" as a reason for the brutal murder.

Role in Film


  • They are similar to the Hoodies from "F" - being youths who engage in mindless thrill killing, with no apparent motive other than "fun".
  • the idea of gangs of youngsters engaging in violent crime and depravity can be considered part of a Moral Panic, though such things do (obviously) occur in reality they tend to be isolated and rare while media often depicts them as rampant and a sign of a "doomed" generation.