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Hahaha, give up, no one will hear you here!
~ One of the Kidnappers

The Kidnappers were a group of evil teenages people that were minor villains on the Manga Date AST Like, they appears only in the volume 2 of the manga when they kidnapped Mirie.

The rapists are a group of up to 10 human male, they were a group of teenage who kidnapped girls with minor age and took them to places abandoned where they sold them to another group, they were possibly involved with trafficking of women.


They appear in the third arc of the second volume of the manga in an old apartment while waiting for someone (possibly buyer), however, before they were able to succeed in sell Mirie they were immediately knocked out one by one by Origami Tobiichi who came to rescue Mirie, they immediately went on the attack with knives and penknives, however at a blink of an eye all of the kidnappers had been knocked out, after the battle Mirie managed to break free of the ropes and fled the place with Origami. No one knows what happened to the kidnappers after that, but perhaps they left the place unharmed.




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