Chester, otherwise known as Kid Rot, is one of the primary antagonists of the cartoon Grossology. Initially introduced as a sympathetic human character with abnormal abilities, his true self (Chester), a kind and shy individual, succumbs to his self-named alias, Kid Rot (caused by an unstoppable parasite infecting his body ever since his lab experiment failed and gave him the ability to rot anything organic he touches).


As Chester, he is a very shy, bashful and often bullied boy who has a love for science and wants nothing more but to make friends. When he manages to befriend Abigail and her brother Tyler Archer, he eventually opens up to them about his rotting powers shamefully, knowing this as not an ability he wants to have.

As Kid Rot, the parasite completely changes Chester and turns him malicious, power hungry, violent, and bent on one thing; capturing Abigail, whom his Kid Rot alias has an obsession over, and keeping her to himself forever. It is currently unknown whether or not Chester will be able to overcome the parasite or not.