Kid Cruel was a villain that appeared in Sonic the Comic and was a fusion of supervillain and generic crime-boss.

A large Mobian primate of some description (most likely a gorilla) Kid Cruel was kidnapping local children to be used as organic batteries for his many Coconut badniks while also forcing their parents to hand over all the gold from their local mine.

When Sonic tried to intervene Kid Cruel tried to outsmart the hedgehog by rigging the Coconuts to explode with the slightest impact - Kid Cruel was so confident he'd beaten Sonic that he called on Robotnik so he could get ther reward for capturing Sonic.

However Sonic wasn't defeated at all and managed to disable the badniks and defeat Kid Cruel, leaving the primate to his fate as Robotnik arrived expecting to find Sonic: no doubt Kid Cruel was punished when the dictator did not find said hedgehog.

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