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~ The Monster demanding money.
The Money Man is the main antagonist of the Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared Kickstarter video entitled "HELP."     
Dhmis kickstarter 7036


The video begins with our favorite puppets being kidnapped by a Nazi-inspired monster, and they are then taken to a torture chamber. Throughout the video, the monster never speaks; however, he does manage to let out a few grunts of pure rage and irritation. The Monster then gives the Red puppet a card that stated that the audience should send money to them to make a series out of their misery, and if they didn't comply, the Red puppet along with all of his friends will be brutally slaughtered by the nameless Monster. The This is It company also released a video in which the Yellow Puppet appeared with a paper bag over his head, and he's also presumably about to be tortured by the Nazi-inspired Monster, all while begging him to stop.



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