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The leader of the Fang Clan. Master of Kazan Kakuteigi (華山角抵戯, 'Kazan Kakuteigi' "Huashan Horn Wrestling") style. His Kazan Kogai Koho allows him to turn his body to hard steel. He is known as "Father" (oyaji) to his underlings. He places so much value into his own "children" that when a group of them are killed, he decides to avenge them by killing a group of peasants. He tries to make Kenshiro and Rei fight each other, by kidnapping Airi and then holding Mamiya hostages. However, Kenshiro and Rei trick him into releasing the women by putting themselves in a false state of death. Ultimately, Kenshiro confronts him and kills by striking a pressure point that turn Kiba Daiō's steel body into rust.

In the 1986 movie, Kiba Daiō makes an extended cameo as a rival warlord who defends his territory against Raoh. He is defeated by Raoh's Hokuto Gōshō Ha technique.


  • Kiba Daioh scream as he dies sound like" WA-TA-BE!" Ironically that was the name of the one who made his dub. 
  • He is not to be confused with Kiba DaiOh from Dairangers, as it is a mecha. 

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