Kiaido Zangyack

Kiaido is an intergalactic bounty hunted hired by the Space Empire Zangyack.


The strongest bounty hunter in the universe, Kiaido's ideal is that two things truly matter in the universe: money and battle. Facing Captain Marvelous and nearly killing him years ago, Kiaido intentionally stabbed himself to create a weak spot on his chest to make the fight more interesting, ultimately letting Captain Marvelous escape.

He is hired by Barizorg to eliminate the Gokaigers, but Kiaido refuses to follow the orders and instead wants the bounty on the Gokaigers' heads to increase even more, spreading of a rumor that they managed to evade his capture, while they get stronger so he can ultimately deliver the fatal blow with satisfaction. However, with Gai Yuki's help, the Gokaigers manage to defeat Kiaido through the Great Power of the Jetmen.

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He later appeared as one of the many monsters in the Dai-Zangyack army, which eventually fought against an army of Super Sentai and Kamen Riders. He is seen as one of the Zangyack members attacking Amanogawa High. He is later seen fighitng BoukenRed and Kamen Rider Shin.