Kia is an antagonist in Saints Row: The Third. She is Cyrus Temple's right-hand in charge of STAG.


Kia is second-in-command of STAG, answering only to her superior Cyrus Temple. She and Cyrus are frequently seen together, and are even rumored to be romantically involved. Like Cyrus, Kia is always seen wearing protective body armor, but with plain colors and no helmet. She is African-American and much taller than average and she's of normal weight. Her tied hair is black.

Although she isn't as important as Cyrus, Kia is not someone to be underestimated. Personality-wise, she is ruthless and cold, showing little concern for human life or property, and always seems to view everything as a mission which needs to be accomplished no matter the cost. This was further supported in two ways. The first is when Kia showed absolutely no signs of remorse or sorrow for her fellow STAG soldiers who were lost when the Thermopylae sank. The second is when she plotted to blow up the entire Magarac Island along with herself and everyone on it just to make the 3rd Street Saints look bad in the public eye.


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