Khor the Destroyer

Khor (also known as Khor, the Destroyer or Khor the Destroyer).

(also known as Khor, the Destroyer or Khor the Destroyer) was the first of Nerissa's Knights of Destruction and a villain in the W.I.T.C.H. series.

Chronology: Comic Series

Khor was the first of Nerissa's Four Knights of Revenge, and also the first to encounter the Guardians. He used to be the dog Miska, who had the misfortune of crossing paths with Nerissa. Transformed into a hulking, purple-skinned, muscle man (not unlike Vathek in appearance) that carries a pair of massive cleavers, he represents Nerissa's desire to destroy Kandrakar.

Even in this form, Khor still has the qualities of a loyal dog, and even senses a bond with his former master, Shagon. In the final battle, he is nearly absorbed by Nerissa, but reverts to his original dog form. In the animated series, Matt's pet dormouse, Mr. Huggles, is transformed into Khor by Nerissa who names him after a great monster from legend who fed on hatred. According to Nerissa, the name "Khor" means destruction.

Chronology: Animated Series

Khor the Destroyer was a terrifying beast of legend that fed off anger. When Mr. Huggles the dormouse was trapped in Nerissa's cell on Mount Thanos with Matt in "L is for Loser", he squeezed through the bars in an attempt to escape and attack Nerissa only to tortured by her. She transformed Huggles into a beast resembling the original destroyer, Khor.

Khor the Destroyer became one of the four Knights of Destruction, still obeying Shagon's commands as Shagon was really Matt Olsen, his owner. Khor fed off anger and attacked Taranee in the first battle against the Guardians because her anger over her mother for not letting her see Nigel made him even more powerful.

Khor is the only knight who doesn't have wings, and is the most barbaric, running on four legs and jumping on people to attack. Khor does Nerissa's and Shagon's bidding, participating in the fighting on Kandrakar and Zamballa, mainly fighting Caleb. In "S is for Self" Nerissa uses the power of the Knights of Destruction to fuel the transformation of the former Guardians, and thus Khor was destroyed, with Mr Huggles returning to his old self.

In "U is for Undivided", the living Heart of Earth, Lillian Hale, gives her powers to the three Regents of Earth, Mr. Huggles, Matt Olsen and Napoleon. Mr Huggles regains the powers to transform to Khor, but this time at free will and Khor isn't fueled by anger. Khor helps defeat Nerissa in "W is for Witch" and later helps make Heatherfield into a giant glamour zone for the battle against Cedric in "Z is for Zenith".



  • Khor was named after an ancient region of the same name¬†located in the south of the Western Asian country of Syria.