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Kho is a minor villain in the novel The Land That Time Forgot.


Kho was a member of the same Sto-Lu tribe as Tsa. Their tribe abducted Lys La Rue. After Bowen Tyler stole her back, killing Tsa, a rival tribe attacked them and stole away all of their women, including Kho's. Remembering Lys, Kho tracked her, abducted her while Bowen was writing the message in a bottle he intended to throw into the sea, and tried to make her his mate.

She escaped from him, and he pursued her. After she was reunited with Bowen by the cliffs, Kho caught up to them and challenged Bowen to a fight over Lys. The two fought, with Kho attempting to bite out Bowen's throat. However, Bowen managed to get his knife and stab Kho in the chest, killing him.

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