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This scum Khalamari
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So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
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- Ooh I hates this Tenta!

- I hates it too Tickles! These nasty humans and their ships, always sailin' over poor Khalamari's head!

- Yeah Tenta yeah! Humans don't have no manners!

- That's right, Tickles, They don't have none at all, they don't! No!

- That's why Khalamari's gonna stand up for all the poor creatures of the sea! Starting by eatin' this here humans!

- Yeah Tickles! He'll eat 'em! Eat 'em right up!

                             -Khalamari, making his two tentacles "talk"

Khalamari is a monstrous squid that terrorizes ships that set out to the ocean in the RPG Dragon Quest VIII. Aspiring to be an actor, Khalamari uses his tentacles in a way similar to hand puppets.

Other appearances

This monster appears in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 as the boss of Unshore. The scout hero must follow Lily's Teeny Sanguini, The Countess, to its den while battling his tentacles along the way until he reaches her. He will find her shrieking to the monster, Khalamari quickly dispatches her and knocks her unconscious. Then he will proceed to battle the hero for disturbing his beauty sleep. After the game ends, Khalamari can be battled again and recruited if the hero reaches its den in Unshore. He is the only recruitable boss monster that is not necessary for synthesizing the humongous Orochi

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