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Kezan Val was an enemy of Conan the Barbarian in the comic adaptation from Marvel comics.


Kezan Val was the Captain of the corsairs of the Kushite coast. Probably during one of their raids they captured Miri, a water nymph. Kezan Val bound her with a silver chain and obliged her to obey to his orders. He promised to free her if she cause 20 ships be wrecked. So she did.

Kezan Val and his corsairs captured Conan of Cimmeria and other survivors of a shipwrecking caused by Miri. Despite his promise, Kezan Val didn't freed Miri when she asked him.

Kezan Val was challenged by Conan for the leadership of the corsairs brotherood but he refused. The corsairs' Captain was informed by one of his men that Conan was wanted by the King of Argos, Thamos, so Kezan Val decided they would given Conan to the King, in exchange for a great ransom.

That night Kezan Val was in his bed with a woman, but Conan surprised him and forced him to go out and duel before his men for the brotherood's leadership. Kezan Val was defeated by Conan, but was not injured. While Conan took the leadership of his new Crimson Brotherood, Val took a sailing-boat and left the corsairs refuge.

Later, in the sea he intercepted the King Thamos' float. He told to the King the Conan's plans, also betraying his men, thinking that the King's hate against Conan would help him to obtain a revenge, but Thamos had Kezan Val killed and his body thrown to the sharks.