Kewell Soresi is an officer in the Britannian Military and a member of the Purist Faction.


A plot

Kewell and the Purist Faction prepare to rid themselves of Jeremiah

Kewell first appears as a member of the Purist Faction and stands by Jeremiah Gottwald's side as his subordinate in scapegoating Private Suzaku Kururugi. He is present during the sceduled execution of Suzaku who is accused of assassinating Prince Clovis. However, Zero geassed Jeremiah which forced him to order for Kururugi to be let go as well as Zero and his allies. As Kewell was able to fire at them, Jeremiah stops him from doing so. 

Thanks to this incident, it causes Jeremiah's reputation of the Purist Faction to plummet as well as leaving suspicions that Jeremiah is bribed into working with Zero. As a result, Kewell plans to lead a squad against Jeremiah with the objective of killing him. 

Kewell vs Jeremiah

Kewell attempting to kill Jeremiah

Once Jeremiah was informed about Zero's appearence, he went off to where Zero is. Kewell went too along with members of the Purist Faction and states Jeremiah must be eliminated in order to restore their reputation as purebloods. As Kewell had the upperhand, Suzaku appears with the Lancelot to stop them as well as Villetta Nu helping Jeremiah. Kewell then orders his men to fall back as he was about to use the Chaos Mine. In response, Suzaku used the Lancelot's Blaze Luminous to deflect all the shrapnel. Euphemia then appears and orders everybody to stand down effectively ending the Orange Skirmish.

Kewell is later seen during the Battle of Narita. He engages in a fight with Kallen Kozuki who is piloting the Guren Mk II. Kallen uses the Radiant Wave Surger on his Sutherland. Unable to eject, Kewell is killed.

Kewell's death

Kallen killing Kewell