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Kevin O'Donnell

Fuck the bloody IRA. All these years of war, and they've got us nowhere. In its heart and soul, England is still a monarchy, and that is where we must strike... at the royals and the ruling class. You're either with us or against us, Jimmy Boy. Make up your mind.
~ Kevin to Jimmy O'Reardon regarding the IRA.
Kevin O'Donnell is the secondary antagonist of the Tom Clancy novel and movie Patriot Games. He is the leader of the Ulster Liberation Army terrorist organization, which is, described by Jack Ryan, an "ultraviolent faction of the IRA".

He was portrayed by Patrick Bergin.


He sends Sean Miller and his 16-year-old brother Paddy along with other members of the ULA to assassinate the Prince of Wales, Lord Holmes. Ryan manages to thwart the terrorist attack on the Prince and kills two of the terrorists, one of which is Paddy. O'Donnell manages to escape and Miller is arrested. When IRA members are sent to assassinate O'Donnell, O'Donnell simply dispatches them with a grenade launcher. He later attacks together Annette the convoy carrying Miller to prison, and free Miller kills the police officers included Inspector Robert Highland. Miller, O'Donnell, and Annette later retreat to their camp in North Africa. After Miller returned to kill the Ryan family, O'Donnell reveals to Miller that the Ryans were not killed, but they were hospitalized. After Ryan finds out the camp where the terrorists are located, he sends in SAS to attack the camp. Most of the terrorists are killed and the ULA almost destroyed, but Miller, Annette, and O'Donnell had already fled the camp prior to the attack.

In the stormy night at the Ryan household, the three terrorists remaining plan another attack on Ryan as well as Holmes and his family. Ryan leads the terrorists away on a boat from Holmes and the Ryan's family, and as O'Donnell realizes this, he urges Miller to turn around to shore, but Miller, driven by rage, angrily kills both O'Donnell and Annette.