Kevin Mask is a major character that appears in the series Ultimate Muscle. Due to his actions of formely being with the dMp, siding with the Muscle League for a short time, and eventually deciding to be a loner who still tends to fight savagely, Kevin Mask is the primary anti-hero of the series.


Kevin Mask is a tall man who is well known for wearing a mask hiding his true identity (thus earing the nickname The Man of Mystery).


Out of most of the characters of the Ultimate Muscle series, Kevin Mask is the most serious one. Kevin Mask prefers to be a loner and tends to fight things on his own. However, Kevin Mask is very honorable as he quit the dMp due them using dirty tactics to win. However, when it comes to battle itself at times, Kevin Mask shows his opponent no mercy and takes great pride in winning a match.

It is well known that Kevin Mask also dislikes his father Robin Mask and doesn't want anything to do with him. However, before his final match of the Chojin Crown against Kid Muscle, Kevin wore his father's cracked mask as tribute to his father showing he still has respect for him.

Powers and Abilities

Kevin Mask is very talent at wrestling and is argubly one of the strongest characters in the Ultimate Muscle series. His trademark move is the Big Ben Bash which is a version of a piledriver that tends to defeat opponents. He is also a skilled tactician as he is able to plan moves ahead of time. He also used this to plan ahead for other wrestler's finishers by undergoing intense training.


  • Kevin Mask is a parody of WWE star Kevin Nash.
  • Kevin Mask is the last character to face Kid Muscle in the anime series.
  • Kevin Mask actually defeats Kid Muscle in the manga. But in the anime, he loses to him.