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This is some bullshit right here!
~ Kevin Griswold's famous quote.

Kevin Griswold is one of the main characters and a minor antagonist in the 2015 movie Vacation.

He is portrayed by Steele Stebbins who played Wyatt in A Haunted House 2.

He is a cruel and foul-mouthed kid and bullies his older brother James on a regular basis. He writes "I have a vagina" on his brother's guitar and even goes so far as to put plastic bags over his head while shouting "go to sleep! go to sleep!".

While on a road trip with his family, James meets a girl named Adena and begins to awkwardly flirt with her, but Kevin uses the opportunity to embarrass him again. She encourages James to stand up to his brother, pointing out that taking the high road is not working for him, and he does.