Kevin Baugh (as himself) is the president of Molossia and the main antagonist in Kickassia.


Kevin Baugh is ruling Molossia with his wife and children. Suddenly he sees the Nostalgia Critic and his reviewers invading the city and chases them away twice. Baugh smirks in sadistic pleasure at the Critic and the reviewers fleeing, and he goes back to ruling Molossia with an iron fist.

Two large battles ensue, with the Critic finally winning when Baugh relents and lets the Critic have Molossia, whereupon the Critic dubs it "Kickassia" and establishes his rule there.

Unbeknownst to the Critic Baugh has disguised himself as a Prime Minister and spurs the reviewers to rebel against the Critic, even giving them a receipt for 20,000 pounds of dynamite signed by the Critic himself. In the end, the Critic agrees to give Molossia back to Baugh.


  • Baugh served as the Hero Antagonist because, even though he opposed the Nostalgia Critic, he wasn't evil at all; he was just trying to get his home back.