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Kevin is the main antagonist in the Sin City story The Hard Goodbye. He is a cannibalistic serial killer with superhuman fighting skills and agility but the appearance of an unassuming farm-boy. He never speaks or shows any emotion.

In the 2005 Sin City film, he is portrayed by Elijah Wood.


At the start of the story, he kills Goldie, a prostitute who the main character, Marv, had fallen in love with, causing Marv to set out on a violent investigation to find the culprit.

Eventually the killer is revealed to be Kevin, who lives on a farm on the outskirts of the city under the care of Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark, who met Kevin years ago and has been helping him continue his killings ever since. According to the Cardinal, Kevin felt he was filled with a white light as he was eating them, and he only spoke to the Cardinal.

Lately Kevin had been killing several girls from the "Old Town" prostitute circle, through connections provided by Roark, and murdered Goldie, who was one of the leaders of Old Town, because she was becoming suspicious of them after all the disappearances.

When Marv finally locates the farm where Kevin and Cardinal Roark live, Kevin ambushes him and knocks him out. Marv wakes up in a cell under the farmhouse, where he sees the heads of Kevin's victims mounted on the wall and finds out that he's a cannibal. He also finds his parole officer, Lucille, whom Kevin had eaten the fingers off of and made her watch as he ate the other victims. He escapes, while Lucille is killed by the corrupted authorities, and he is later attacked by Goldie's identical sister Wendy, who thinks he killed her sister. Marv explains who the true killer is, and they go back to the farm together to finish Kevin off. Marv subdues Kevin and then cuts his limbs off, has Kevin's pet wolf eat his insides, and finally decapitates him. Kevin never makes a sound even during his own excruciating death, and keeps a blank expression even after his head has been taken off. After that, Marv goes into the farmhouse and kills Cardinal Roark in a similarly brutal manner.


  • Kevin was ranked #65 on Wizard Magazine's "Top 100 Villains" list.