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Kevin is the main antagonist in Fred the Movie. Kevin is also the unseen character and the primary antagonist in Fred. Kevin is Fred's bully and arch-nemesis, and Judy's boyfriend (which is the worst nightmare for Fred).

He has been described as "fat" by Fred on many occasions. However, since he is fat (as seen in KevinHatesFred), this could just be a slur against him.

The Cat with Rabies bites Kevin in "Fred Gets Bullied" and "Fred on April Fool's Day", and has miraculously survivedtwice.

Kevin ran against Fred in the kindergarten presidential election, but they both lost to an unknown candidate named Cleopatra VIII.

In the TV series, he is voiced by Lucas Cruikshank. In the film, he is played by Jake Weary.
Kevin Fred

Kevin in the first movie.



In the TV series, Kevin is the main villain. He is often referred to as "fat" by Fred, and he has a severe dislike for Fred (in which his hatred for Fred is one of the reasons why Judy favors him over Fred).


Kevin used to have his very own YouTube channel as the protagonist and is seen for the first time, but his channel is now closed. In this channel, Kevin was just as Fred described him.

Fred: The Movie

In the live-action movie, Kevin is once again the main antagonist, and continues to stalk and tease Fred. However, Kevin has lost some weight and is a teenager, too.

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