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Kesslee is the main villain from the 1995 movie Tank Girl. He was played by Malcolm McDowell.


In a dystopian 2033, a comet hit the Earth which caused a climate alternation and made the Earth turn into a dry and arid wasteland. For 11 years, it had not rain and water became very scarce with a small amount of it is runned by the Water & Power company led by Kesslee. The company is opposed to the mysterious group called the "Rippers". Rebecca Buck (a.k.a Tank Girl) is a member of a small community that set up their own water well in a house. Knowing this, Kesslee had his men attack the house and killed most of the members and kidnapping Rebecca and a young girl named Sam.

Kesslee and Rebecca

Kesslee vs Rebecca Buck

While imprisoning Rebecca, Kesslee repeatedly tortured and brainwashed Rebecca into working for him. Later, Kesslee had Rebecca and Jet Girl to find the real entrance into the Ripper's base. However, the Rippers appeared and killed nearly all of the Water & Power people, except for Kesslee who was critically injured. Kesslee then recaptured Sam so that he can use her as a lure to Rebecca and Jet Girl.

Once Rebecca arrived and find Sam half drowning in the pipe filled with water, Kesslee appeared. Kesslee revealed to Rebecca that he played her by implanting a tracking dart in her and using her as a source of information. Rebecca engaged in battle with Kesslee and was almost defeated by Kesslee thanks to his cyberically repaired body. However, Rebecca was able to gain the upperhand by shorting out his body with water. Rebecca then used her tank loaded with beer cans as artillery shells to cause major damage. She was able to kill Kesslee by using his own water extraction device and drain the water out of him until he was nothing but a pile of dust husk.

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