I'm not doing this for Paavo. I'm doing this because I'm a sadist, get it? I enjoy killing people.
~ Kess, when questioned about her motives

Kess is a sub-antagonist in the game Alter Echo for the Playstation 2.


Next time I won't be so polite.
~ Kess after being defeated

Kess is one of Paavo's lieutenants and a mini-boss in the Alter Echo game. She worked alongside Gherran as the smarter of the two shapers and against Nevin, mostly for monetary gain though Kess in particular enjoys inflicting pain and death. First, the pair attack Nevin in an airship by dropping bombs on him. When he escapes that, they unleash the full arsenal, but Nevin's gun form is able to stop the ship.

Kess and Nevin later conflict over the location of some pounce nubs, one she ultimately loses and flees after her floater is destroyed.

Later, Gherran tries to meddle with Echo, with Kess giving him orders from another location, instructing her partner to wipe its memories. Nevin interrupts and Kess urges Gherran to kill him once she learns of his presence.

Gherran fails and Kess calls out in concern as he goes silent and dies. She later threatens Echo's seat of emotions




Of the two lieutenants, Kess was definitely the most domineering and vicious of the two. She orders Gherran around, even though the two are the same rank, and outright admits she only works for Paavo because it gives her the chance to kill people. She verbally abuses everyone, both enemy and ally, excepting Paavo.


Kess is a woman with fair skin, sharp features, green eyes, and short black hair. She is covered in a gray and blue plast suit and carries a plast sword. There is a small ring in her lip. She is very athletic in build.

Villain SimilaritiesEdit

  • Kess is similar to Mistral in that they are both female, second-in-commands to the main villain, and that they both enjoy fighting, killing and causing pain and distress.
  • Kess' sadistic tendencies also make her similar to Yandere-chan.