Kess was a villain that appeared in the Doctor Who episode "Planet of the Ood". He was the Commander of the security force on the Ood Sphere.


Kess was a violent, mad, and cold-blooded killer who detested the Ood. He appeared to be an overseer of the Ood. He seemed to enjoy whipping Ood who had fallen on the way to their work shifts.


He was charged with capturing the Ood who had the red eye virus and capturing the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. Kess attempted to kill the Doctor using a piece of machinery but was stopped by Solana Mercurio. Klineman Halpen had Kess try to gas the infected livestock, which he took great pleasure in. However, other Ood broke into the container room, freed the Ood he was trying to kill, removed his gas mask and locked him in one of the cages as the gas went off. He begged the Ood to release him, but they coldly turned their backs on their former jailer, as he died an agonizing death.