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Kesho is usually an outright antagonist who is commanded by a hyena named Fisi. Kesho is a very despicable cheetah who is known to be sadistic in cheating.

Kesho is never seen, due to Karussell (the Germany audio-book company) not illustrating him and the exclusive characters.

He is the secondary antagonist in the book "Fight for the Throne", which is inspired by the Disney movie "The Lion King".


Fight for the Throne

Kesho is suggested by the hyenas to gain courage for him and Ed. Kesho arrived in Pride Rock and is suggested by Simba to give him a chance for a courageous race. All the animals agree with him. His wife Nala, however, was disgusted by Simba's suggestion of choosing this sadistic runner, which considers Simba to be a traitor.

This became a conflict, because Simba had no choice but to listen to the hyenas. Nala refused to let Simba join the racing match with Kesho. He made Simba go into the Valley of a Thousand Eyes, which is used as a stadium for war.

One of his most despicable plans is once Kesho suggested the hyenas to challenge Simba in the arena. Kesho ended up confronting Simba in the arena to see who will be the king of the Pride Lands. Kesho ended up retreating the arena, which was against the rules. By hearing that, the hyenas ended up being sadistic towards her.

Kesho ended up getting with his friends Fisi and Ed to hunt for antelope. Soon, he is met by an elder elephant named Kia. Soon as Kia talked with him, this results in the animals to be mad with the traitor. Kesho ended up retreating for being booed by the angry animals. He was never seen again after retreating.


  • "Kesho" means "Tomorrow" in Swahili.

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