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The Keshigomuloid is a Metaloid created when the Kesu Metavirus from an eraser. Unexpectedly, however, for unexplained reasons, Keshigomuloid does not assume human size like other Metaloids usually do. Despite his size, Keshigomuloid can cause a lot of trouble.

Though not becoming human sized with Enter thinking the transformation failed, wanting to receive his creator's affection, Keshigomuloid hitched a ride on an unsuspecting Hiromu to erase the digital contents within the Energy Management Center's headquarters and the Buddyloids.

Despite being small, Keshigomuloid uses his powerful laser and head butt attacks to defend himself from Kuroki and Morishita before being busted to bits by Red Buster as he was about to attack Nakamura.


  • Identification Number: K-56
  • Install Metavirus: KESU
  • Production Motif: Eraser
  • Height: 7 cm. (2.7 inches)
  • Weight: 35 g. (0.07 pounds)

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