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Can't you see it?
~ Shido to Kotori about Kerubiel

Kerubiel, know as Cerubiel or The Flames Which Dance Around the Throne of God, is the main antagonist of the 2015 (2016 in West) japanese animation film Date A Live: Mayuri Judgment. Kerubiel is the most powerful, dark and extremely misanthropic Angel of Date A Live series, as well as an agent of the God and is the renegade Angel of the Spirit, Mayuri.

Kerubiel is called the “prince of the gates of heaven and the everlasting doors,” “overseer of the guardians of the gates of hell,” “knower of the portals of all in-betweens,” including those portals through which spiritual forces cross to and from other universes and dimensions, and the portals, gates, of the Great Abyss; and it has been said that it is this Great Kerub who taught the masters of the tradition how to create Portals of Calling. In other words, this Great Angel holds the knowledge of all gates or portals in creation, and how to pass through them, and joined with this, so this angel of God has deep knowledge of the Netivot, “secret paths” of the Tree of Life and how to sojourn in them.


  • Name: Kerubiel
  • Gender: Asexual
  • Classification: Non-Human/Angel
  • Age: 3,402,193,822,311 according to Judaism
  • Powers and Abilities: Fly, durability, immortality (type 1), can survive in space, can survive between realities, eye laser, regeneration, can nullify others' powers, illness infliction, perception manipulation, transformation, cross dimensional, light powers, can use Divine powers, Level 3 - Standard Angel level
  • Weaknesses: Core
  • Destructive Capacity: City level+ -  able to destroy the entire nations
  • Range: Global
  • Speed: 90 kilometer per hour
  • Durability: At least multi city block level+ 
  • Lifting Strength: Class K via powerscaling
  • Striking Strength: Class G via powerscaling
  • Stamina: Infinite
  • Standard Equipment: Mayuri herself


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Coming Soon

Arrival at Earth


Spirits date


Kurumi Intervention


Final Battle


Fight with the Spirits and Ratatoskr


Capturing Mayuri




Final Move




Mayuri's Death




Powers and Abilities



Date A Live

  • "He is Free!" - Kotori
  • "Stop it! Kerubiel!" - Mayuri
  • "He will destroy the entire world..." - Shido



Kerubiel as the Guardian of Heavens

"I am Kerubiel of the Kerubim I stand within the gates of light, crowned in rays I hold aloft a sword, so that its shining beams go in all directions.
My robe is of white light, without seams or buttons
My wings shield others from the light, the barriers that keep them from being burned. 
We of the Kerubim dance in rings, leaving trails of sparkling star dust in our paths
We radiate out in singing and movement, spreading joy among the children
We call forth peace and light among them, for any pride that remains
Is lit with the torch of humility, and crumbles before the torch, ever-burning. We are the flames which dance around 
The golden rings of the throne of God
We hold within ourselves the secrets of the divine
And may see into each world, of matter or spirit. To the spiritual seeker, we say: The life you live now is not different from the life you live in the hereafter
Sins do not dissolve at death, but remain
Burn out all impurities, or the light of God Will appears as fierce fire most terrible and violent to behold
Love of earth hides love of heaven, and love of heaven destroys love of earth
Take in the glory sword within you
That the mind may discern the clear light from the smoky
That from its tip may radiate out the Holy Point
God's first manifestation, before the created world The Eye of God, the Light of Light, The Ancient One, blessed be He."





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