Not to be confused with Disney's version - who was an anti-hero.

Kerchak is a villainous gorilla from the original Tarzan books, a vicious silverback who was responsible for the deaths of Tarzan's original family - his role was replaced in the Disney cartoon by Sabor, a rogue leopard.


In the novel Tarzan of the Apes Kerchak is the "king" of a tribal band of Mangani, a fictional species of Great Ape intermediate between real life chimpanzees and gorillas. In the beginning of the original novel, Kerchak leads his band against Tarzan's marooned father and kills him; the infant Tarzan is saved by a female Mangani named Kala, who rears the baby and protects him against Kerchak. When Tarzan reaches adulthood, he fights and kills Kerchak and succeeds him as king of the apes.


  • King Raymond from Johnny Bravo is similar to Kerchack as both are Gorilla Monarchs who act as foes to a Human raised in the Jungle.
  • In Disney's The Legend of Tarzan, Tublat resembles the original Kerchak since they are both vicious apes who fights with anyone in the tribe and wants to rule the tribe with an iron fist.
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