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Keough is one of the characters in the Japanese-Korean anime, Ragnarok: The Animation and was also a secondary antagonist in the anime as well. He was an elder brother of Yufa and a good friend of both Roan and Iruga Alam. However, he was recently corrupted by an evil entity called Dark Lord and became his servant alongside the others;  Zealotus and Zephyr.


Prior to the main event of the story, Keough was a childhood friend of Iruga. Since they were children, they used to spend time with each other. Keough also have the younger sister called Yufa, which he took care of her and loved her dearly.

A few years later, they eventually became adults. As Iruga became a member of the Asssassin Guild, Keough eventually became a swordsman and he became their ally.

After quite sometimes, Iruga and Keough recruited a young man named Roan as well as Yufa into their party. Together, they travelled together across the kingdom of Rune-Midgard as they encountered various monsters and defeated them in order to grow stronger.

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