Keough is one of the characters in the Japanese-Korean anime, Ragnarok: The Animation and was the secondary antagonist in the anime. He was an elder brother of Yufa and a good friend of both Roan and Iruga Alam. However, he was brainwashed by the demon named Dark Lord and became his servant alongside the others;  Zealotus and Zephyr.


Not much was known of Keough's past before his corruption but it was once revealed that he was born in a rural area somewhere in the kingdom of Rune-Midgard. He also came from the family that have two siblings which consisted of himself and his younger sister, Yufa. 


Keough was originally a caring and good-hearted man as he was a good friend of both Roan and Iruga and the elder brother of Yufa. He also dreamt of building the peaceful world without conflicts. However after being manipulated by Dark Lord, Keough became very cruel, ruthless, deceitful and vengeful and