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Kent C. Koopa is a big Koopa Troopa that first appeared as an optional boss fought in Paper Mario


Kent first appears in Mario and his partners' way to Pleasant Path, demanding one hundred of coins if they want to pass, however, if you don't want to then you can choose battle him instead. Kent HP is 70 and strongest attack is Ground Pound, maximum 10 of damage. Kent is very strong in battle and will use his shell to squish Mario and his partners causing both of them 3 of damage. It's highly recommended to use Watt as a partner to fight Kent. However, his biggest weakness aside from getting attacked in the tail is being put to sleep during the battle, which will advantage Mario and his partners to beat him in an easy way. Once he is finally defeated, he will retreat and let Mario and his partners pass to Pleasant Path.


  • It's implied by Russ T. that Kent C. Koopa taught the Koopa Bros. how to fight.
  • Kent C. Koopa has a close resemblance to Hookbill the Koopa, a boss from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


Paper Mario battle- Kent C02:56

Paper Mario battle- Kent C.Koopa

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