Kenny Hampson was a former pledge turned serial killer and the main antagonist of 1980 slasher movie Terror Train.

At a fraternity party, a student named Alana Maxwell attempts to seduce the awkward Kenny as part of a prank. Kenny finds a body in the bed and starts screaming and shaking around, tangling himself in the bedsheets. He was traumatised and sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Three years later, the same students who played the prank are boarding a train for a costume party, and Kenny enters as well, unbeknownst to the other students. He begins killing them one by one, wearing his previous victims costume after slaughtering them.

At the end of the film, while wearing a mask resembling an old man, Kenny chases Alana through the train, until she escapes him. He appears later, having grasped Alana, he refuses her apology and forces her to kiss him. The kiss causes Kenny to relive his memories, and starts screaming and tangling himself in coats (A throwback to the prologue scene). The train conductor, Carne shows up and hits him with a shovel. He falls out of a door of the train to his presumable death. His body flows down a river as the train speeds off into the distance.