No! Kenneth! Please don't eat me!
~ Gumball pleading Kenneth not to eat him.

Kenneth is a villain from The Amazing World of Gumball'. He appeared in the episode, "The Microwave". At first, he was just mix of really gross stuff, but then when Richard accidently put it into the microwave and came alive. At first, Gumball and Darwin thought that it was really cute, but then as he started to grow bigger, they saw that he was actually eating people after their dad had got eaten. Then after Kenneth ate their mom, Gumball and Darwin decided to take him out themselves. In the end, after he drank too much water from the hose and became normal again. They said that there won't be anymore trouble with him, but at the end of the episode, Darwin said that they should've listened to their dad.

Kenneth reappears in "The Finale", where he was defrosted again by Richard, then rampages in Elmore and eats a bus, as well as fighting Hector. 



  • Kenneth reappeared in the season 2 episode, "The Finale", where he fought Hector.
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