Kenneth  is a villain in the video game Fire Emblem.  He is a heretical priest associated with the Black Fang. He has denounced his faith in the gods in favor of worshiping Nergal, and he delights in the suffering of men. He potentially appears as the boss of "Pale Flower of Darkness" (Eliwood Chapter 25, Hector Chapter 27) only if the sum of the player's magic users' levels are higher than those of the player's weapon users. In this case, Kenneth is left to watch over the Black Fang fortress while Sonia is way, but then is killed in battle with Eliwood and Hector's group.

Regardless of whether he or Jerme is battled in "Pale Flower of Darkness", a morph clone of Kenneth still appears as a boss in the final chapter, armed with the S Rank light tome Luce.