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Kaname Kenjou is one of the main antagonists in Strawberry Panic. Since the arrives of Amane in Spica, she always defeats Kamane in everything; Amane was most popular among women, for example. Amane overcame her so much that she went admire Amane.

She did schemes to her and her girlfriend, Momomi, to become the firsts Etoiles from Spica, and tries spoil Hikari relationship with Amane (tries to convince Hikari [by means of violent pick up lines] to leave Amane and flirt with her).

She influenced Yaya abuses of Hikari.

After Hikari hurt her feelings, Kamane tries to do Amane run for Etoile, because, as stated, Kaname admires Amane because she (after all, if she says Amane is better than her, she admires her), so, she thinks Amane is the choose one, and deserves the Etoile office in place of a failed like her. Momomi breaks up with her after that, but reconciles later.

She is, together of Momomi, the main comrade of Tōmori.

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