He's bigger than big, He's meaner than mean. He's the scariest lizard that you ever did see
~ Ushari describing Kenge.
I'm. Not. A little. LIZARD!
~ Kenge.

Kenge is the main antagonist of The Lion Guard episode "The Bite of Kenge". He is a ferocious monitor lizard who is friends with Ushari.

He was voiced by Kristofer Hivju.


Kenge has been described as having an "intimidating, ferocious nature". Much like Makuu before he reformed, he does not take orders from anyone, and will quickly assert himself as the leader. He is very self-conscious about his size, and reacts with severe rage at being called little in any way.

Although he will work with others to achieve a goal, he will not befriend his team mates. Kenge is very short-tempered and irritable, so he resorts to violence very quickly. He is very confident in his abilities and will happily challenge anyone. Like Kiburi, he is ruthless as he viciously attacked zebras and gazelles and then bit Fuli, Kion and Beshte even though they confronted him. He is shown to be cunning, namely when he attacks the Pridelanders just to lure the Lion Guard so he can bite them.


Kenge has shiny swamp green scales with dark, muddy grey stripes going along his back.


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