Ken Rampton is one of the antagonists in Raven's Gate, the first Power of Five book by Anthony Horowit. He is one of the few male witches in the Satanic cult who worships the Old Ones.


Ken first appears when Matt has gone to meet Tom Burgess at his farmhouse, and to his shock he finds Tom dead, broken and mutilated, as if some monster has killed him (which is said to be Jayne Deverill's cat Asmodeus). When Matt sees Tom's corpse as well as the cryptic message, "Raven's Gate" on the wall scrawled in green paint, Matt runs out of there and to his relief finds two policemen. They doubt his story but they decide to go back to Glendale Farm, Tom's house.

Upon arriving the policemen think its too quiet for such a crime and they enter to find Joanna Creavy, one of the witches, outside hanging laundry. She says Tom left. Then the police are taken inside by Matt who says there's plenty of evidence in there but they only find a slightly tidier place, the butcher's knife Matt found had been removed.

They head upstairs and Ken appears. He says that Tom Burgess was here a minute ago but left to attend to his sheep. Joanna Creavy backs it up too. Then Ken politely answers all the police's questions, and he seems like a pleasant enough man. Upon the police investigating the Raven's Gate message, (which appropriately enough was painted over) Ken warns the policemen of wet paint. The police get apologetic and tell Ken they won't waste any more of his time. Then they take Matt downstairs and tell him he'#s being an attention seeker.

After Joanna Creavy talks with the police, telling them Matt's a liar, and they leave threatening to arrest Matt if he calls them again, Matt is left humiliated and angry outside on the lawn, which is just what Ken wanted. Ken comes outside and laughs when Joanna says there's nowhere he can go. This causes Matt to cycle away on Jayne Deverill's bike as fast as he can.

Ken also probably takes part in Stephen Mallory's murder with Jayne Deverill as he is a witch and part of the cult. The next time Ken appears is at the sacrificial ritual for Matt to be sacrificed. He is delighted at finally having the Old Ones free. However, Matt realizes his powers, breaks away from Sir Michael Marsh, and then flees with Richard Cole. During the ensuing nuclear meltdown, Ken and Joanna are trapped in the circle, and despite their lust they run out into the fire where they both perish.


  • Because of his appearance with Joanna Creavy it was implied the two were romantically involved.
  • Ken is one of the few male witches in the coven.