Ken Lyman is a San Diego drug lord and the main antagonist of K-9. He has held a grudge against Michael Dooley, who interferes with his drug operation, and has every one of his henchmen attempt to kill him.

He is portrayed by Kevin Tighe.

Role in film

Ken Lyman is first seen arriving in his limousine in a warehouse being searched by San Diego Police Detective Michael Dooley and his dog Jerry Lee. He was responsible for sending the helicopter that trashed Dooley's car and igniting it on fire the previous day. He warns Dooley to get out of his warehouse before he calls a real cop, which he frustratingly does after Jerry Lee manages to find only one man smoking weed.

In his swimming pool at his mansion, Lyman learns Freddie gave away details of his shipment, and after teasing him with his son's water gun, shoots him dead with a real one before telling his associate Dillon there can be no mistakes with his next shipment of drugs, and to get Dooley out of the way.

At a beach, Lyman discusses his next shipment with a businessman interested in his drugs. He tells Lyman not to mess with this shipment or else; however, he is unaware Dooley was spying on him and almost catches his presence while at the beach.

Lyman is later seen at a party with some guests until it is interrupted by Dooley. After shooting his chandelier and dropping a glass cup, he points his gun at Lyman, demanding to know where Tracy is, who was kidnapped by his henchmen. But Lyman keeps his silence and tells him he should be put behind bars permanently after the police come and take Dooley away, with Jerry Lee following him.

Meanwhile in the desert, when Halstead, one of his associates, is late, Dillon suggests they kill Tracy, but Lyman tells him no. Then he sees a set of lights in the distance. To Lyman's surprise, Dooley and Jerry Lee show up in the truck with the shipment of drugs revealed to be cocaine. He tells Lyman he doesn't care about the drugs anymore but threatens to blow it up and says it will "snow in San Diego" if he refuses to free Tracy. At first it is working, but Dooley's plan goes awry and a shootout begins. With his henchmen distracted, Lyman uses the opportunity to flee though he is pursued by Jerry Lee. With the dog proving to be faster than he, Lyman grabs his gun and shoots Jerry Lee, and Dooley not too far away from him. Before he can escape in his helicopter, Dooley shoots at Lyman while at the same time, the men on the helicopter shoot as well, simultaneously killing Lyman.