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Ken is Abe's brother and the main antagonist of cartoon Urban Vermin.


Ken was born to be a dictator. Spoiled rotten as a kid by his mother, he simply could never live in a world where he couldn't continue his spoiled rotten lifestyle. His brother growing up was Abe, who was not as spoiled, because raccoons always spoil the youngest—it's a tradition. So here he is now...ruling The Block, controlling as much of the garbage as he can. Only the GLF keep him from absolute control on a daily basis. Ken's closest confidante is a pink flamingo scepter named Penelope. You can often find them dining and dancing together in the throne room. Ken is petty, egomancial, lazy, cruel, greedy, jealous, vain, and cheats at hopscotch. He operates out of an old Ice Cream Truck he refers to as The Lair. (Or the Evil Pizzeriea of Doom, depending on when you call.) It's not easy being the King. So many dumpsters to pillage. So little time!


  • Ken and Abe is a reference to Cain and Abel, archetype of enemy brothers.