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Kempf is a very arrogant noble of the Freege family and the self proclaimed rival of Reinhardt, although Reinhardt doesn't see it this way, and thus despises Olwen, Reinhardt's younger sister, because of it. During the game, he imprisons Olwen in hopes of getting Reinhardt out of his position, but not too long after this, Leaf's army invades where he is stationed and Kempf flees. In Chapter 11x, Kempf orders all troops to initiate a "Murder Hollace", which means they are being ordered to fight to the death. Eventually, he is seen again in Chapter 16A, guarding some Ballistica in a formation that he is ordered not to move from. However, Olwen dislodges him by verbally humiliating him, and Kempf is slain shortly after.

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