He did it, he killed the guard!
~ Kelvin betrays Matt

Kelvin Johnson is one of the main antagonists in the whole Power of Five series because it is he who leads to Matt's arrest, his discovery of Mrs. Deverill and the Old Ones and their followers.


Kelvin has a minor role in the novel Raven's Gate but it is he who sets off the chain of events in the book. He is seventeen and two years older than Matt. He befriended Matt at school and was the only kid who Matt trusted.

Matt and Kelvin would go bunking off school, smoking and hanging out on bridges. Later, Kelvin  introduced Matt to theft and car burglary and fraud. They would make a ruse out of stealing stuff like cigarettes from the supermarkets and laughing about it. Then Kelvin got into making money from stealing.

Kelvin's cousin was in prison himself for fraud and he told Kelvin of this warehouse whose night guard was old and weak and there were no alarms and no security. Kelvin bought a knife to get him and Matt in and this starts off the book. Matt and Kelvin break into the warehouse to steal, but when Kelvin goes one way and Matt goes down his aisle, he smells burning, and sees a security man behind him. Matt doesn't want to hurt anyone so the guard relaxes and begins questioning Matt. But just then Kelvin comes out of nowhere and stabs the guard in the back, making him fall to the floor.

Matt is shocked about Kelvin's sudden violence and says does he know what he is. The two boys fight and Matt says he wants to stay and help the guard. But Kelvin assumes the man's dead and runs for it but is caught by police on the way out. Matt follows and Kelvin screams to police that Matt killed the guard and the police turn on Matt. Kelvin is thrown into a juvenile detention center for violence and is scheduled to appear before the Court soon. Matt is sent to be fostered with Mrs. Deverill and thus begins his adventure.