Kelly Simons

Diva Club Kelly Simons

Kelly Simons is a villainess in the series Diva Club. She has only played this character atleast twice.

First Villainous Acts

In season one she became villainous when hanging with friends, Layla and Brooke. The three peformed acts like cheating and stealing to win the televison talent show Dancing Is So Trendy.In the mid-season finale, Kelly, got into a food fight with fellow dance partner Layla after Layla acted jelous towards Kelly. The fight escalated into a brawl where both got disqualified from the competition. The former friends feuded as Kelly decided to talk the "nice girls" with Layla, Brooke and former dance manager and boyfriend Mike plotted revenge. Many revenge acts happened between the two. Brooke left the school and the program after humiliation from Kelly after she had her clothes stolen during gym and hidden in the male changing rooms in Mike's bag. Kelly stated that Brooke and Mike "did it" during gym.

Various Other Villiainous Acts

Kelly soon became the good girl again in each season of the program. Mostly these were peforming attacks on the girls who "annoyed" her. Her last major villainous acts was when friends from her old town came to visit her in school. These friends had manipulated her into turning against close friends. She helped Velvet McRunner "steal" April's boyfriend, making out with the school principle and stealing Rosita's car which she then crashed.  After the blame was placed on Velvet, Kelly got attacked by the group. Kelly's sister Ashley had heard word of Kelly's acts forcing Kelly to move home with her parents.