Agent Kelly Raskin
Kelly Raskin is an FBI agent and the main villainess from The Dresden Files episode titled, "Hair of the Dog."

She was played by Krista Bridges.

Agent Raskin was in Chicago on the case of the murder of a woman named Mina, who was found with her canines pulled out. Mina's friend Heather and Harry Dresden find out that Mina was a werewolf and was stalked by a mysterious woman, who was revealed to be Raskin herself. It turned out that Raskin was also a werewolf and she and her partner, Agent Bushnell (another werewolf) were infecting people with the curse and then killing them; following the rule stating that if nine werewolves under the same bloodline were killed, the curse would be removed. Mina was #8 on their list. After the revelation, Harry is arrested and set up for the murders in an attempt to get him out of the way. Meanwhile, the evil Raskin kidnaps Heather and bites her to pass the curse on to her. She later goes to kill the incarcerated Harry, but he's out of jail. At episode's end, Raskin (in werewolf form) is relieved of her curse when she kills Bushnell, thinking that it was Heather, and she is later institutionalized.