Kelly at grom initiation

  Kelly is one of the senior staff at Surfer's Paradise and is one of the two primary antagonists on Stoked, the other being Andrew Baumer. She works as the head waitress at the hotel's dining room, the Pirate Ship, and is Emma's (and formally Lo's) boss. She doesn't surf, unlike the rest of the staff.

Villainous Deeds

Board and Confused-Torturing the Groms in their Initiation in order to surf in The Office (which is the Surf Spot). Emma found the key and Kelly is the only one not to be impressed.

Take Your Kook to Work Day-Put hot rocks on Lo for cutting out work and forced her remove gum under the table. Found out Lo faked the chicken pox, she gets caught by Kelly and forced to clean a dirty washroom.

Penthouse of Horror-Fried Fluffy, the fish that is friends with Kahuna, orders Emma with receipts until the evaluation she has to do it herself. Then Fluffy, became a Zombie, attacks Kelly in the neck.

A Boy Named Leslie-Dating Ty Ridgemount to make Emma cry. Lo, in order her to stay away from her brother and Kelly told her she'll make Ty fall in love with her. Then she got the fries on a date which is covered in Garbage Cheese. Then she has diarrhea. When she came out of the Bathroom, she threw the fry at Lo which causes Ridgemount to go to the Bathroom.

The Pirate who came to Lunch-

Sick Day-

Browatch-Kelly tries to rat out to make the groms to lose their jobs. When Lo told her she'll give her 25% to keep her mouth shut. Then Kelly told her 50% then they got a deal. Then she lies to them which she needs to keep her 75%

Heartbreak Hotel