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Kelly was the hidden main villainess in The Beast of Bray Road.

She was portrayed by Sarah Lieving.


Kelly was a bartender in Walworth County, Wisconsin who had heard about the legend of The Beast of Bray Road, but never believed it until she encountered the infamous werewolf late one night. The beast attacked Kelly, passing the curse on to her, While the original werewolf moved on, Kelly remained and adjusted to her life as a werewolf herself; ciaiming to be in control of her transformations until the last few nights.

In her bestial state, Kelly hunted and killed several citizens, and was shot on her right leg by new sheriff (and potential love interest) Phil Jenkins, who learns that Kelly is the werewolf when he sees the wound on her right leg. After the revelation, Kelly (in partial werewolf form) lunged after Phil, but she is shot and subdued. She regains her full human form and convinces Pam that Phil is the werewolf and tells her to shoot him, which she does. Phil survives because he was wearing a bulletproof vest, but at that moment, Kelly flashes her green eyes and fangs as she rips Pam's entrails out. Kelly then fully transforms into a werewolf and devours Pam, but she is later burned to death by Phil and werewolf hunter Quinn McKenzie.