Kellek is a wizard from the Dungeons & Dragons TV Show. He appears in the episode The Valley Of The Unicorns.


Kellek first appears attempting to capture the unicorn Silvermane with his wolves, but while Dungeon Master's disciples assist the animal, Kellek captures uni and takes her to his castle. Its revealed there, that Kellek intends to take the power of all unicorn horns and become the master of the realm. He also claims that even Venger will call him master. The young ones attempt to stop him from stealing Uni's horn, however he freezes them, and after taking the horn, he leaves with his wolves to find the Valley Of The Unicorns, to find Silvermane and the remaining unicorns.

Kellek's hounds

After the heroes escape from Kellek's freezing spell, they help Uni and other captured hornless unicorns to reach the Valley. Little do they know that Kellek was following them, and using a magic medallion, traps the unicorns into a magic prison and attempts to attack the heroes with a magical rock slide.

After the heroes escape from the Valley, Presto, following Dungeon Master's riddle, seeks help with "the greatest enemy, who can become an ally", in this case Venger. Meanwhile, the others attempt to rescue Silvermane again and when Kellek learns of their presence, he summons his wolves to attack them. However, when the wolves prepare to attack, they are suddenly turned into puppies. Venger then appears, and demands Kellek to give him the horns, but Kellek attacks him and they start to duel. While Presto attempts and succeeds to returning the horns to the unicorns, Kellek is defeated, and while the heroes think of a way to escape from the crumbling castle, Venger attempts to get the unicorns back, but using their teleport magic, they assist in the heroes' escape.