The Resedends of Darkness now rest in the shade where the trees bloom around the clock here Where daylight sun scorched people are delowed !!!


~ Kei Himuro
Char 11250

Kei Himuro is the antagonist in the Anime film Paprika

Tokita recognizes his assistant, Kei Himuro, which seems to confirm their suspicion that the theft was an inside job. After two other scientists fall victim to the DC Mini, the Chairman of the company, who was against the project to begin with, bans the use of the device completely. This fails to hinder the crazed parade, which manages to claim Tokita, who was inside Himuro's dream trying to find answers, and intrude into Konakawa's dream. Paprika and Shima take matters into their own hands, and find that Himuro is only an empty shell.